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Get the cup holder you need without running errands or doing extra research

Isn’t it silly how car cup holders are too small for bottles nowadays? The existing solutions don't help, either tipping or no adjustments so you won't know if it fit's your bottle properly. We take care of those fussy details for you, so you get a perfectly-fitting cup holder guaranteed.
No confusion, no mistakes.

Fast shipping means never having to wait... no matter where you live.

Whether you live in busy downtown Sydney or peaceful Yamba we'll get your order to you faster than ever.


30-Day Warranty

(that actually covers wear & tear)

Something wrong? Let us know and we’ll send along a replacement or organise a full refund. Simple as that.

Get amazing support from a company that truly cares

Our customers love us because we go out of our way to make them happy. We update our listings to meet your needs, keep you posted on your delivery.

Need a hand replacing your HydroLatch? Shoot us a message.

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Fast Aussie Delivery ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 1,000+ HydroLatch's Sold 30-Day Money Back Perfect Bottle Fit, Guaranteed